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For one day on the Millikin campus students are given an opportunity to present a years' worth of achievements and research to the University-wide community; that day is 庆祝活动的奖学金 (COS).

庆祝活动, 4月28日, was a culmination of academic achievement that represented a vast array of subjects in the fine arts, 科学, 业务, 护理和更多.

多个会话, 各部门组织, were held across campus including an Idea-to-Incubator 业务 competition; theatre students presenting their scene work; freshman focus panels and the original research efforts of Long-Vanderburg Scholars.


"庆祝活动的奖学金 is a way we set aside some time to specifically recognize the great work our students do in collaboration with faculty members all across the curriculum,密利金大学教务长博士说. 杰弗瑞模仿者. "You've got people all over the curriculum who are able to use this day to showcase remarkable work."

Dr. 报纸上提到的, “在Millikin, Performance Learning gives everyone an opportunity to be actively engaged in the life of their discipline. It boils down to the idea that we want to challenge and give every student a chance to know what it really is to do that work."


As part of COS, the 24th Annual Research Poster Symposium, dedicated to Judy and the late G. 理查德·洛克,米.D. 在先令厅举行的. The symposium highlights the scholarly work completed by students in regularly scheduled courses, 研讨会, 独立研究, 指导研究, 实习, 暑期本科生研究奖学金, Leighty太阳城官网, Long-Vanderburg太阳城官网和James Millikin太阳城官网项目.

Among the presenters was Shelby Chesko, a senior biology major from Wilmington, 生病了., who presented her research on the quantification of lead in central 生病了inois birds of prey. Chesko explained how she collected blood samples from raptors admitted to the 生病了inois Raptor Center in Decatur, 生病了.,并用铅分析仪测定铅含量.

"Our work provides a better understanding of the sources of lead in multiple species of raptors, 包括non-scavenger物种,”Chesko说. "It's been exciting because Millikin has given me the opportunity to present at regional and national conferences as well as raise public awareness about the impact of human activities on wildlife."

尤赖亚·沃克(Uriah Walker)是伊利诺伊州兰辛市化学专业的一名大四学生., explained how she's using 3D printing to teach microfluidics to undergraduate chemistry students. Microfluidics is the science of manipulating fluids in small channels on the order of a micrometer.


据沃克, microfluidics is not typically taught at the undergraduate level because of the difficulty associated with preparing microfluidic devices. 在她的演讲, Walker discussed how she used a 3D printer and computer-aided designs to make the devices.

"Having that exposure and the opportunity to work with a 3D printer on campus has been incredible,沃克说:“. "I know I'll be able to take this experience and use it in the future when I enter graduate school."

关于学术庆典, 杰夫报纸上指出, "I think it's the pinnacle of the year in some ways where people from all across the university and every different discipline get the chance to really show off the quality of work that students are doing."


朱迪和G. 理查德·洛克,米.D. began providing financial support in 1994 for the Poster Symposium prizes awarded to the top-rated student presentations. Judy Locke continues to support undergraduate research at Millikin University through not only treasure but also of her time. Judy returns to campus annually to serve as a Poster Symposium judge and has greatly enjoyed the time she spends with students and faculty.

The following are the award winners of the 2017 庆祝活动的奖学金 Poster Symposium.


Nicole Koch和博士. 特拉维斯Wilcoxen

"Effects of Simulated Tadpole Tail Predation on Post-Metamorphic Performance in Cuban Tree Frogs (Osteopilus Septentrionalis)"

亨特·萨默斯,艾斯特法诺·马丁内斯和. 凯西沃特森 




斯凯勒·泰勒和博士. 詹妮弗·施罗德    

"Atrazine Analysis in Macon County Water Sources and Development of a 成本 Effective Detection Technique"

安德里亚·马什和博士. 玛丽安罗伯逊      

"Aggregation and Sheltering Behavior of Armadillidium Vulgare (Isopoda: Armadillidiidae) Groups Exposed to Fluorescent & 紫外线”

Katie stromland和Dr. 劳拉·齐默尔曼

"Relationships Between Parasitic Infection and Natural Antibodies, 年龄, 和《太阳城官网》


"Synthesis of Polypeptide Chains and Their Effects on Cancer Cells"

凯特Gebultowicz,博士. Anne Rammelsberg和Dr. 詹妮弗·施罗德               

"Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis of Cell Penetrating Peptide in Application to Cancer Treatment"

Sarah Rapp和Dr. 凯尔Knust       

"Bipolar Electrochemistry Experiments for an 本科 Laboratory"


莎拉一. 齐格弗里德,博士. 詹妮弗·施罗德和Dr. 巴黎巴     

"An Essential Solution: Toxicity of Five Essential Oils in MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 Breast Cancer Cell Lines"

凯特琳Sembach,博士. 玛丽安·罗伯逊博士. 特拉维斯Wilcoxen          

陆生等足动物犰狳, Vulgare (Isopoda: Armadillidiidae) Display Operant Conditioning to an Electric Stimulus"

伊利斯·施纳贝尔和博士. 特拉维斯Wilcoxen     

"Effects of Ammonium Sulfate on Stress Physiology of Western Mosquito Fish (Gambusia Affinis)"

乌利亚J. 沃克博士. 凯尔Knust  

"Using 3D Printing to Teach Microfluidics to 本科 Chemistry Students"

Takunda Jakachira, Whitley Sapp, Hunter Somers, Andrea West and Dr. 凯西沃特森

"Examining the Effects of Magnetic Fields and Heating on the Wear Resistance and Microstructural Properties of Wind Turbine Gearbox Bearings"


"Perioperative Goal-Directed Fluid Therapy Using the Cheetah StarlingTM SV: A Pilot Study"

Morgan Ashby和Tatiana Kozal    


Phi Kappa Phi奖

亨特·萨默斯,艾斯特法诺·马丁内斯和. 凯西沃特森